Sacha Harford 

Sacha began working as a freelance makeup artist for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics after attending Parson's School of design for a short while and working as a model in New York city .  She has worked for every major makeup company including: Nars, Stila, Mac, Makeup Forever, Armani, Laura Mercier and Lorac.  Sacha developed a following working on photo sets, which allowed her the freedom to work on freelance jobs with top level photographers, stylists and designers.

Years of experience as a makeup artist led Sacha to learning hair styling while working on sets expanding her repertoire adding hair-styling to her talents.  Taking note of the many artists who are multi-talented in the world of fashion, celebrities and advertising, she expanded on her knowledge and received her license in cosmetology from Carsten Aveda institute in New York City, Sacha Harford then completed an apprenticeship at the Yves Durif Salon at the world-renown Carlyle Hotel.

Sacha has worked for over seventeen years with a multitude of producers , designers, advertisers and magazines, her consistent execution and professionalism has solidified her place as a respected growing artist .


Mario Trombino, Annie Leibovitz, Terry Richardson, Juliana Sohn, Tosca Radigonda, Michael Lavine, Benny Horne, Mackenzie Stroh, David Rose, Steven Lipman, Charlie Langella, David Sheilds, Franke Staudinger, Sergio Kurhajec, Shoji Van Kuzumi, Anthony Mandler, Mark Mann, Walter Chin, Kwaku Alston, Alex Martinez, Joe Lally, Eric Almas, JJ Sulin, Alex Tse, Dimitri Scheblanov, Danielle St Laurent, Doug Adesko, Jesper Carlsen, Della Bass, Fabrice Trombert, Meridith Jenks, Chris Buck, Laia Benevides, Marc Trombino, Joey Iocano, Jennifer Section, David Yellen, Stuart Watson, Brian Klutch, Daniele Levitt, Michael Williams, Jerry Barberry, Augustus Butero, Len Irish, Scott Schaffer, Titus Kana, Chuin Kai, Chris Mclallen, Johnathan Mamion, Brian Moss, Joseph Mulligan, Bill Diodato, Jeff Spears, Mark Baptiste, Alex Tehrani, Naomi Kaltman, Mario Miotti, Marley Kate, Stephen Schacher


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